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The Motus Wildlife Tracking System


MOTUS Tracking Device


Bird Studies Canada in Partnership with SOx

Bird Studies Canada (BSC) is a scientific organization using computerized tracking of migrating birds and pollinators. Stewardship Oxford (Sox) is interested in partnering with BSC to add tracking facilities within Oxford County. This would be a new 5 year project requiring financial support.


BSC monitors migrating wildlife using a new technology. A computerized banding tag, nicknamed MOTUS, is attached to individuals within a migrating species. This tag is in 24 hour communication with BSC computers.

Monitoring stations have a receiver with a 15 mile radius and are placed near a migration pathway. The MOTUS signal on the migrator will be recorded by the MOTUS receiver. The signal will be sent electronically to the BSC computer for recording of date, time, species and location. All data is posted and publicly available.


BSC has MOTUS receivers throughout North and South Americas. We are interested in partnering with BSC to place two possible monitoring sites within known flight pathways in Oxford County.


Now – November, 2017 to February 28, 2018. We will determine the sites this year.


SOx  has several potential sites on public and private land which we will assess for suitability to host a MOTUS receiver.

The receiver will be funded by SOx, installed and maintained by BSC. We will start with a 5 year contract, hopefully to be extended it in the future.

Bird Studies Canada c/o Stuart Mackenzie

Stuart Mackenzie
Migration Program Manager
Bird Studies Canada
1-888-448-2473 ext. 162

Learn more about MOTUS by clicking here!


SOx is funding part of the project. We are seeking donations to help fund the rest. With your and/or your organization’s help, we can possibly assist more than one site in the county. Please fill out the donation form.

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