About Stewardship Oxford

Stewardship Oxford is one of numerous Stewardship Councils across the province of Ontario. ‘Stewardship’ by definition is an ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources, so that both present and future generations are protected. Just as each council region is unique, so is the membership and objectives of each council.  A diversity of  local stakeholders and agencies volunteer on the council and are involved in the development, facilitation and implementation of local initiatives and programming that reflects the needs and interests of our region.

Council Overview:

The Stewardship Oxford Council (SOX) is comprised of individuals who share a common interest in conservation and land care. Each council is made up of a diverse cross-section of the community, with each member volunteering his or her time at meetings and during planned initiatives.  Core to the Stewardship Oxford Council is a set of enduring principles:

  • To involve landowners and land interests in embracing and promoting land stewardship initiatives, through ‘on the ground projects’ and through public education opportunities.
  • To respect the rights of  landowners to manage their land in a sustainable manner.
  • To encourage both landowners and agency members to participate in the stewardship council’s mission and objectives.
  • To encourage resource agencies to work together strategically, in order to efficiently support landowners while avoiding service duplication.

Our Mission:

  • To promote a land stewardship ethic that helps to sustain and protect integral resources such as water, soil, forests, flora and wildlife within Oxford County.
  • To partner with private landowners, community groups and resource agencies in order to advance and implement practical and sustainable resource management initiatives.
  • To access resources, coordinate common interests and voices, and develop mechanisms that provide needed services within Oxford County.

Our Focus:

  • To locate and make available to landowners, information on stewardship programs, services and grants.
  • To determine what is required in our community to increase compatibility between humans and nature.
  • To act on stewardship issues of importance to the community that are not being addressed.


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