Meet Trevor Birtch – ‘Be a Voice for Nature’ Series

FamilyTrevor Birtch is a resident of Woodstock, and he works for the County of Oxford within Financial Services.  ‘Value’ does not necessarily mean economics alone.  Encountering Trevor at the County building, I asked if he would speak about his definition of ‘stewardship’ and how the principle applies in various aspects of his (and his family’s) life choices and actions!  Equally important is that he recognizes that a person can’t ‘go it alone’.  It really is a community effort to assure the land within our care is recognized as important to many …  whether individuals, families, businesses, organizations, and of course, municipalities.

Thank you Trevor for taking up the challenge of offering your personal definition of’stewardship’.  I would love to hear from others!  Watch the video directly below (and if you have the times, others are featured in a ‘loop of videos’!  Enjoy!





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