Tom Butler Interview: “Be a Voice for Nature’ Series

Tom IMG_20140823_072223079_HDRButler was raised in a home and lifestyle on the rural perimeter of Woodstock where a ‘stewardship ethic’ was an expectation and an element of pride.  As a young adult, Tom pursued organic farming not only for family consumption, but for sale within his local community.  He grows his vegetables, herbs and other produce following organic practices and sells them at the local farmers’ markets.  I noticed a unique looking item at his stand that raised my curiosity!  The produce in question?   ‘Ground cherries’, which admittedly I knew little about.  Of course I purchased some, and then went on line to conduct my own research.  Perhaps you are curious too;  if so, check out this link!  Ground Cherries.


The accompanying interview on the ‘Stewardship in Action’ YouTube channel touches upon some of what drives Tom to continue with his local food production and sales business, despite lingering challenges related to people’s perceptions.   Thank you Tom, for being a ‘Voice for Nature’ and for sticking to your convictions.  You are indeed both a voice and advocate for nature within your everyday lifestyle practices!   And for everyone else, as a consumer, shop local. That said, as Tom suggested to me, even though he appreciates your business you will be ‘one step closer to nature and sustainable living’ if you try growing your own produce.  Don’t be afraid of a blemish or two.  Just consider it ‘nature’s stamp of approval’!  Support local farmers and food producers!

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