Our Natural Resources: A Key to Healthy Communities

Help foster and experienJr Farms and 4H 5ce a stewardship ethic within Oxford County.   From a natural resources and land, air and water management perspective, it is imperative that we think about what this term means.  Our actions and attitudes as individuals, families, businesses, organizations or agencies all play a a role in natural environment management and health.  And let’s not forget the health of our community at large.



Since the natural environment hosts not only a diversity of plants and wildlife, but also human  life, should its health and vigour not be  ‘top of mind’ for each of us?  Not only for current generations, but future generations?  Often times, we tend to think of our activities ‘in isolation’, without recognizing the inter-dependent relationships we have with nature.


Whether you are a  r2014-08-23 07.24.07ural farmer or country home dweller, or an urban landowner or tenant, we can each find ways to live our lives in a way that sustains our natural resources for both present and future generations.



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