‘Be a Voice for Nature’ within Oxford County

Whether you live in a rural or urban setting within Oxford County, embracing a ‘Stewardship Ethic’ on the land is key to community and environmental health. Each person, organization, business, and agency has the personal power to contribute to a healthier county overall.  One action, one step, and one idea at a time. Imagine that!

In taking stock of your lifestyle and everyday actions, what is it that you do (or could do) to be a conscious and conscientious steward of our land, water and air? … How would you ‘define’ the terms stewardship or sustainability? 

EverythiIMG_20140823_070233149ng we do, whether we own or rent land, has an impact.  Are you a farmer?  What is it you do that demonstrates sustainable or ecologically focussed farming practices or goals?  Do you live in town and grow a vegetable garden to which you add your compost results?  Perhaps, regardless of where you live in the county, you have chosen to integrate indigenous plants and shrubs that attract wildlife?

Stewardship Oxford encourages everyone to think about what land and environmental stewardship means to you.  Of course, opinions and perceptions differ, but by keeping an open mind to the diversity expressed by many, we enrich can enrich our understanding and appreciation for the ‘value’ of the land under our feet and the resources that surround us.

The ‘StewNature's Voice ardship in Action’ series you will find on this website is an array of blog articles, pictorial videos and interviews showcasing people’s efforts or allowing them to reflect upon important ‘stewardship’ related topics.  Please see below the most recent (and past!) coverage!

Stewardship Oxford would love to hear from you!  Contact us via stewardshipoxford.gmail.com or using the contact screen provided on this website.



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